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Un appartement à New York

Un appartement à New York - Jane Smiley NOPE.

I bought this book not knowing anything about the author. The cover looked pretty so i took it. I've let it sit a year on my shelf before actually deciding to read it.
This book is so annoying i gave myself one day to read it and then give it away (more like forcing it on someone).

I have nothing to say about the writing style. It's good for the most part (not my favourite style but it's really not bad). But everything else... Oh my god. I don't know where to start.

First of all : the characters. It's a bunch of friends that have known each others for over a decade. Well... The whole team is annoying as hell. There is a lot of characters so i won't go into details but they are self centered, selfish, making dumb decisions, being dependent of each other, emotionally messed up, musician wannabes, drug addicts and what not. Seriously, they are messed up on so many levels it's not even funny. I mean it plays its part on the whole character's development, character's study and psychology but it was tedious to read and impossible to enjoy. And they all have such weird ambiguous reactions to the double murder of their friends that you can't even sympathize with them. Do they even have a soul? or a heart?

By the way, the first half of the book (before they start digging the past) is based on how everyone (and not-so-respectable people) in town has a key to their apartment. REALLY? i mean REALLY? I couldn't get concerned about the murder of such unconscious people. Do they even have a brain?

The main character is Alice because she found the corpses and went to the police. I've rarely came across an adult female character so annoying. I'm sorry for my repetitive use of the word annoying but god, she is. She is supposed to be shy and insecure, when she is in fact childish, immature, incompetent, idiot, irresponsible, stubborn, weak. And the book was centered around her so the whole thing was painful.

Overall, it's NOT atrocious (sorry for my one star rating but i didn't like the book) and some people might even like it but i was not captivated, then i was annoyed then i was totally fed up by the time the murderer/cause of the murder is revealed. DO NOT READ THIS SPOILER : I REVEAL THE MURDERER AND THE CAUSE So the murderer is Susan because she was getting sick of her boyfriend and his adopted brother. Here. Totally fucked up. I mean at least i expected something sordid or surprising or... i don't know! Something. Who kills people because they get annoyed with them? What the heck is that?

I wish i could call it a mystery/thriller book, but it didn't felt like it. I could resume my thoughts on this book by "yeah. whatever."

Oh, I almost forget : there is a love interest for alice. I didn't see the point of the whole thing. So i can't really comment on it.