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Courting Miss Hattie - Pamela Morsi If the covers of this type of books weren’t so ugly i might read more of them because to my own dismay, I kinda like them, with the romance and all.

This book was a bit longer than what I expected and I really appreciate it because I’m tired of chick lits that only occupy me for an hour or two.

I really liked the plot and the main character. Plain Hattie (nice, hard working, very likeable) and hot Reed (loyal, hard working, hot)
I didn’t care about the side characters (especially Bessie Jane and Harm).

I think that this book could have been improved if there was more construction around Reed and why he fell in love with Hattie. He’s in love with her –I don’t doubt that- but the author detailed more why he loved his job and the farm than Hattie. The random sex scenes and the ending didn’t give much insight to his thoughts. I wished we could have seen him more often jealous, and more tormented over his choice between Hattie and Bessie Jane. When I read the book, I felt like Reed didn’t care much about his feelings for either Hattie or Bessie until he got free of Bessie and decided to go after Hattie. He got lucky and didn’t think twice about it. It felt weird.

The marriage proposition Reed gave to Hattie made me drop my jaw. I couldn’t believe what he said. Oh my gosh. I was maybe as shocked as Hattie. Very well done Morsi!

"Drayton isn't much of a farmer," he said, "and he isn't interested in your rice field."
"So I know how to grow that rice for you. And I'm twice the farmer Drayton will ever be. If you're looking for a husband who wants your farm, well, I want it."
"I want this farm, Miss Hattie. You know I always have. I planned to buy it, and I still want to if that's what you'd like. But I thought to myself, why should Drayton get this farm and you too when he doesn't even know you and knows even less about this plot of ground?"
Hattie stared at him, obviously dumbstruck.
He continued. "To be honest, I never considered marrying you. I guess I just never thought about you that way. You were simply my friend, a spinster lady. When Drayton started to call on you, I began looking at things differently, but I was already engaged to Bessie Jane. Now that I'm free . . . well, I'm free to ask you to marry up with me. I want the land and I'm willing to buy it, just like always. But if we married up, we could take the money I've been saving to pay you and put it into irrigation for more rice. Miss Hattie, you'd be surprised what we could do with this farm in, say, the next ten years or so. You know what kind of fanner I am. What you want is a farmer for this land, and I'm a far better one than Drayton."
"I'm looking for a farmer?" she asked, her voice barely more than a whisper. "I thought I was looking for a husband."
The two stared at each other for a moment. Hattie felt as if someone had reached inside her breast, grabbed her heart, and twisted it out of her body, only to discard it in the slop bucket.

I give this book 3,5 stars out of five. It met my expectations with the romance but it lacked feelings.

re read on : 10th sept 2013