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The Unwanted Wife

The Unwanted Wife - Natasha Anders The title and plot of this book attracted me but i didn't like the execution of it.

Everything the female character was doing was either too much or too little, too soon or too late. She was so engrossed into her pain that she didn't understand her husband at all. Making a character oblivious to everything doesn't make her cute to me, it makes her dumb.

In the first third of the book i quite hated the male character because he was trying to resolve everything by the mean of sex, at times it even seemed like he was forcing himself on her.

I didn't quite connect with the characters. And i could definitely not relate to the pain of the female protagonist. Maybe it was because of her rich background or struggle free life but she seemed to lack of a backbone and independence which got on my nerves (i know that it was what the author was going for but i like my martyr heroine with some kind of moral strength and Theresa didn't have that).

Basically this book portrayed everything i don't like about relationship and representation of modern love. I liked the idea of the story (wife struggling to get her husband to love her) but the author's point of view and writing on this topic weren't my cup of tea.

And i wished the author stopped using so many italic words. It gets annoying if you know what i mean.