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Addicted to You

Addicted to You - Colina Brennan New adult book with two graphic sex scenes. A short nice read.

I had no expectation before starting this book, I even thought i'd dislike it. But I decided to just read the first chapter to know if I should forget about it or not.

To my surprise the 2 first chapters were hilarious. It reminded me of the first chapters of TFiOS, with Hazel sitting in her support group judging everyone when this cute guy named Augustus came in. Here with have Leah, pushed by her roommate to attend this support group, mentally hissing at everyone when this hot piece of meat –Will “Blue eyes”- comes in. Not much difference with TFiOS right? Expect maybe that the people gathered here aren’t cancer stricken but… SEX ADDICTS!

I won’t say much about the story line, it’s quite predictable. Basically this book isn’t ground breaking but every character was developed and the pace of the story was nice and quick. Every character was also likeable which is a plus.

I sighed slightly when the author revealed the female main character’s troubles (with her parents) but it was not overdone and she was not whiny about that (nothing wrong with that IRL but i don’t have much compassion for doormat fictive character) so I let it go.

Even though it’s not written in first person narrative, we have both Leah's and Will's point of views which I always like (helps me feel connected to both characters on the same level, I’m a sucker for guy’s POV).

I wished there was a bit more of humor (even though there was still more than I’m used to see in these sort of stories). And I would have appreciated more of construction for the part where they fall in love with each other because it was borderline instant love (they have obvious reason to be attracted and to want to know more about each other but overall it felt rushed).

Leah is a strong character, even though she doesn’t fall into the heroine category. Will is a nice guy – a hot one. The side characters are cool! I was pleasantly surprised by them, they were not the annoying ones and you don’t feel the urge to shush them. And I just wanted to hug Elijah (Leah’s little brother)

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered against her throat, running a hand slowly down her back.
Her eyes sprang open. Yes, they’d been stumbling toward this night since that first kiss, but one night stands still shouldn’t say things like that.
“Don’t be so sentimental,” she said, expecting an angry reaction. But Will merely laughed.
“It’s just an observation,” he said. “I’ve wanted you since the minute I saw you.”
“Of course you did. We always do. We see, we want, we fuck,” she muttered.

A small critic : I’d really appreciate if authors would stop putting this scene in every damn romance book.

“I said move,” she said through clenched teeth.
He considered refusing, but she was already shaking with outrage. He’d pissed her off enough. Reluctantly, he stepped aside.
She yanked the door open.
The door slammed shut in his face.
“Fuck.” He dropped his forehead against the wood and closed his eyes.
He had lost her.

I know that at some point we all blurted out these lines while slamming a door but I think it’s time for it to retire from literature.