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Maybe With a Chance of Certainty - John  Goode “Why?” my mouth asked, my eyes still closed.
“Because maybe I like you?” he said, his breath warm against my skin.
“Maybe?” I asked, not even aware I was holding my breath.
Maybe, with a strong chance of certainty.” He said, kissing the nape of my neck.

This is my first try at a Ya M/M romance + coming of age + glbt teen issues.
I didn’t want to get on with some already high praised book because if it didn’t hold up to my expectations, I would have probably given up on the whole genre.
When I picked up this book, I braced myself for something poorly written, because gltb novels are quite a rarity on the market (1% of the total published content each year), so we have to take what is given to us and make the best of it. But fortunately, this book was really well written. It was even better than most (if not all) of the YA F/M I read this year.

First of all, look at the cover. So pretty. I love it, I feel the need to put it out there. SO PRETTY.

This book is about Kyle, trying to be invisible in the hallways of high school because he’s gay and let’s just be honest here, things can get pretty messed up if you’re out in HS. But then Brad, the most popular guy of the school (jock, rich, handsome and all you know…) asks him to help him study. See where we’re going here? *wink*

The development of the plot is pretty straight forward, there is no endless drama with twists one after another. I will let you discover that by yourself.

What makes this book so good? The writing. I kept highlighting excerpts of the book because of the real-no bullshit talking- fuck all of the fairy tales- tone to it. Whether you’re gay or not, you’ll relate to this book, you’ll relate to the main character and find him speaking the exact words you told yourself at some point.

One thing I have to add : Kyle doesn’t fall for a straight guy, he falls for a closeted guy and that is a lot different.

Really good book overall, 4 stars out of 5. Pretty excited to read the sequel in Brad POV.