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The Princess Bride - William Goldman A bit disappointed.
I've heard such great things about this book, how it's the perfect combination of romance, adventure and humor, how it's an amazing read even when you're grown up. But i didn't like this book as much i thought I would.

Goldman appears in some people's eyes as a genius because of his little trick of narration : there is no Morgenstern, there is no longer version of this book. It's all him. Either i'm missing out something or i'm just blasé because i don't see genius in that. At best, it's imaginative but genius? No.

My biggest complain with this book (except the horrendous cover) is that it has all the clichés of a fairy tale (so we can make fun of them) but at the same time has some cliché of its own. So it can't be taken seriously as a fairy tale but it can't either be considered as a full on satire.

There is a bunch of characters in this book (all very original and colorful) and i won't elaborate on all but here are my thoughts on the main ones :
- Buttercup. She is beautiful and that's all (ALL) that matters. Even though she could have been a developed bad-ass character the author only gives glimpses of how amazing she is (horse riding, coming from a poor house, intelligent, witty)

"Enough about my beauty" Buttercup said. "Everybody always talks about how beauty I am. I've got a mind, Westley. Talk about that."
"Throughout eternity I shall do that very thing," he told her. "But now we haven't time."

- Westley. His "as you wish" gave me a heartbreak. There is something is these three words that made me feel like someone pushed me off a cliff. But then he must leave Buttercup and "dies" and even though i knew that he was coming back, i suddenly stopped caring about the book. "As you wish" is a sentence that needs a book on its own and the whole book seemed irrelevant afterwards, even worse the whole book felt as if it was disrespecting such beautiful words and that's why i could enjoy it anymore.

Overall, read it for the wit. Seriously, wit makes life worth it.