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Deep Down Popular - Phoebe Stone I bought this book because i thought it would be about 2 kids learning to like each other despite the implicit rule of school "popular don't go with unpopular". But instead it was about this girl, who thinks like a preschooler, really attracted to this popular guy, who is as interesting as a white page. And that's all that happens. We hear a lot about the grand dad, and quentin, and some other stuff but jessie lou/conrad relationship is absent.

From grade 2 to grade 6, i had this juvenile crush on a boy that was really popular while i was really unpopular and then nothing ever happened, just like in this book.

I can relate on a weird level on the popularity obsession and I thought this book would be really funny and have some kind of action on the romantic side, some fluffiness, some cuteness to it but no, there was nothing and i'm angry now.