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My Legendary Girlfriend - Mike Gayle This is my first "lad lit". Basically it's Bridget Jones diary with a male lead.

Because the main character is so whinny, i got really bored and annoyed and i didn't like the book. I even thought at some point that maybe if the main character had been a girl, i would have liked it but there is other stuff that didn't sit right with me, put aside the non-stop whining :

- main character falls in love with a girl OVER THE PHONE and wants to marry her after two days.
- main character spends a lot of time (=pages) "thinking" about his ex. This could have been insightful and interesting, instead it just gets repetitive and lame.
- main character was getting on my nerves all book long. I can't even begin to list everything that he does wrong.
- other characters : the weird-online-unknown love interest, the bitchy ex, the betraying best friend (male), the trying-too-hard-to-mean-something best friend (female). Let me word it clear : hard to like any of them.
- the ending : i'm all for "long time friends falling for each other" but please don't botch it up in the last 3 pages. I say no to that.