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The Feng Shui Junkie - Brian Gallagher Nice and fun. Second part of the book is less funny but i still liked it very much because there are all those feelings up and downs in Julie's head.

Story summary : Julie, helped by her best friend Sylvana, takes revenge on her husband Ronan and his mistress Nicole (by destroying their possessions : car, house, cabinet, pets, paints,...) but somehow get close to Nicole (without Nicole knowing that Julie is Ronan's wife). At the end of the book, Nicole is dumped by Ronan (he dumps her because she got pregnant) so she goes away to Amsterdam and Julie fills divorce papers even though Ronan wants her back. Julie and Nicole stays friends.

I liked most of it. It was not ground breaking and I wished the fun had been consistent through the book but it was entertaining.
At times i was slightly annoyed by the interaction between Nicole and Julie (the good naive side of Nicole comes out too strong), and by Ronan's blatant lies (i hate liars over anything else). Also the book could have been a bit shortened.