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Cause céleb' - Helen Fielding Reading this book is like sitting with your butt in the middle of two chairs.
I really like BJD 1 and 2 (yes, the second book too!) and i hated olivia joules. So when i picked this one out of my shelf, i had the intention to read it as fast as i could and to give it away to whoever would be kind enough to take it.
But i don't know anymore. Because even though reading about rich laughable people doing humanitarian work is not something that is entertaining to me, i still think this that this book has some good points. I'll wait to find some thick self centered friend to give this one to, as a hint.

This book is a mix between Bridget Jones' Diary, An imperfect offering and Eat Pray Love.

The thing is, with Fielding, you want to hate her characters because they are a satire of the modern, unsatisfied, urban, love mess, 30-something woman; but because the author is really talented she makes you like the book. Or at least not hate it.
There are issues with going to Africa to "find your true self" and the author makes it clear that she knows it but that's sill how her character is.

To make it short i didn't like the part about Africa. It was realistic, accurate, and relevant but i didn't like to read about it in a book labeled as comedy, i didn't like the romance in it, i didn't like that Nambula is fictional (i can see why the author chose this option but it still irks me), i felt butt hurt when the celebrities got involved in it and i cringed until the last pages of the book, i didn't like O'rourke (irrelevant character).

On the story line itself, i didn't quite like how the 4 years gap is managed. It was not credible to me.

I liked how this book made fun of the famous people, journalists and of Rosie herself but it was still not enough for me. Every time I read something by this author i get mad at some topics that are brought in even when it's clear as day that the author knows what she's doing (she knows that her characters are wrong on such or such thing). I would like for them and their ideas to get strongly bashed by some others characters in the book and not just as an innuendo. I want things to get more pointed at in the book itself. Generally whatever happens in the sphere of the romantic relationship is divided into white (o'rourke) and black(olliver) easily but everything else stay in the gray zone.

The whole abusive relationship part was nice to read because it felt real. It was not as humorous as in BJD because this time, the female lead was really into a bad relationship and it was well portrayed.