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Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks and Other Outlaws - Kate Bornstein, Sara Quin The first part of the book (in which the author explains what made her suicidal and what we should change into society) was a bit irrelevant to me because it was focused on (trans)gender's issues. I am not concerned by that, not because i'm cis straight but because sexuality and genders are not something that matters to me. While some people struggle to put a 5 nouns label on themselves, i just don't feel the need to define or categorize myself.

Regarding the writing style, it was not perfect but it was clear enough so the reader could get the point.

The second part of the book is more interesting : it's a list of 101 things you could do instead of killing yourself. Some of them will not appeal to you, some of them you've already done but i'm sure there is at least one reason that you could use for the time being, and i think that if an idea in this book kept your mind away from suicide for even a minute or two, that's awesome.

As i read the 101 ideas, i noticed how many of them i've done, some with the conscious attempt to fight depression, other just because that was all i could do at a certain point. Some of them i've considered but never did and some other i didn't think about.

That's why i think that this book is great, because it has some real talk in it. Also the fact that someone out there took the time to write a book for us with the genuine intention to help us is heart warming.

The main message of this book is : pursue happiness, be the best you can be, don't be mean to yourself and to others.