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The Art of War - Thomas Cleary, Sun Tzu "Les principes sont bons en eux-mêmes mais l'application qu'on en fait les rends souvent mauvais."

In today's view, I consider the content of this book as "common sense" but 2500 years ago, it must have been revolutionary. This and the fact that it's still relevant today is what makes it a master piece in my opinion.

When i first started it, i was a bit bitter because i thought it would be a praise to war and destruction but in fact, this book's message is "don't fight, but if you do, be smart and fight so that the outcome is the best for your people and prize what you gain of it."

This is not about nurturing hatred towards other population nor cruelty but about bringing sense into war so that you can win. War is like a chess game.

What i didn't like is that it gets a bit repetitive but i can't really blame something like that on a book written so long ago and then again, "repetition is the best way to learn" says one of my teacher.
I'm glad I read it but it's not aimed to people like me so i feel like an outsider.