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Frigid - J Lynn I really liked the sneak peek of this book but by the middle of it everything got really annoying to me.

Whatever was fun in the beginning was just boring at some point. And so many little things annoyed me that i started to skim through the book.

I took some notes before completely focusing on only being done with the book. They won't be extremely relevant but still :

- Kyler's use of too many "never", "always", ... got on my nerves.
- Kyler was borderline stupid. I can totally picture him and his group of friends at my campus and that's the type of people i roll my eyes at. I won't elaborate much on that because it could hurt other readers' feelings.
- Syd... she is such a weak female character (nothing really wrong with that) but she is thick. And just plain annoying. What type of girl gets all sulky because a boy didn't rape her in her sleep or while she was drunk?
- beginning was funny.
- poorly written. Really. There is no point in writing in character's POV if all we get out of it is how stupid and incoherent they are.