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Getting Over Garrett Delaney - Abby McDonald "Getting over Garrett Delaney" is a great story about overcoming a crush.
Spoiler : do not expect the girl to date anyone within this book.

I think the author really succeed in writing this book because she did explore a lot of aspects of the one sided relationship with its doubts, relapses and longing.
I won't go into detail because it would be writing a psychological analyse instead of a review.
However i wished we could have seen more of the heroine's heartbreak when Garrett announces her that he is in love with some other girl - she falls into action a bit too quickly for my taste. Also i would have liked for the ending to be less rushed. Garrett last scene seemed to be a bit too much scripted/stereotypical and Sadie's reaction was quick and not so much explored.

What i enjoyed the most is that Garrett is a really great guy, yes he has his flaws (he acts like a tormented writier who patronizes Sadie and it made me laugh so much because i think i've been here, and some of my closest friends too so it was like looking at an old picture of my high school group of friends) but he is very sweet and he truly care for Sadie.
It really hurt Sadie when she realized his flaws but it was because she had been deluded for so long, not because Garrett was an actual douche.

One point that makes this book better than the other with similar story line is that the characters aren't dumb or vapid. They aren't some caricature of teenagers. They are teenagers. They are smart but it's not over done like in some other novels (John Green i'm looking at you), they have their heart broken, divorced parents; they are proud, they make mistakes, they try and fail, but they aren't those dark tormented souls...

The writing style was good, better than what i expected.
The whole character group was fantastic. I liked every single one of them. You have a very large of type of personalities and i spent a really good times in their company.

This book is realistic, fun, sweet, touching, down to earth. Very enjoyable.