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The Ugly Duchess - Eloisa James Well, let's just be honest, the whole plot was weird : to save his father's estate, a 20 years old guy has to marry a girl that he considers as his sister. The girl learns the truth while blowing her man. They break up, he becomes a pirate, she becomes frigid. They reunite.

The two main character were really dense. It was hard to like them. Generally in the "ugly duckling - hot guy" type of romance, the heroine is sensitive and intuitive. That's not the case here. In the first part of the book she's a kiddo and the guy doesn't have much of a personality. In the second part, she's Queen of Icicle, stuck up in Rules and manners while he becomes the stereotypical frustrated alpha male clamming her as "his".

So... that's a meh book for me. I could give it 2 stars but i thought it would be better than that so i'm disappointed and i'll give only one star.