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Love in the Afternoon - Lisa Kleypas The plot is the same as one of my favourite movie of all time so i had a huge plastered smile on my face while reading it.
I thought i had finally found the book version of the romance story i loved the most until now.

This book is about a girl who decided to have a correspondence with her best friend's suitor, which was sent to war, while signing under her best friend's name. Then he comes back and had to figure out why the girl he has in front of him isn't the girl from the letters. This whole plot i adored!

I really liked all of the characters, from the hedgehog to the family in law of the main characters.

What i didn't like much was the last part of the book where i disconnected from the story (chapter 21 to the end).
I wished we had seen more of Christopher and Prudence. I wished Christopher had clung a bit more to her as he had originally thought she was the love of her life. I would have liked to see more of Prudence trying to pretend to be the girl from the letters (because Chris was everything we could dream of a man). I would have preferred that the obstacle in Chris/Bea relationship to be Pru or the friendship between Pru and Bea instead of Chris psychological wounds from war.