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The Screwtape Letters - C.S. Lewis This book is hard to read since catching the true meaning of the letters lays on a game of reverse psychology applied to each sentence. It was tiring and it made the reading really slow and frustrating and tedious (unless you accept without questioning every point listed by the author). I still think it was a clever idea but, as the author said, it didn't make it out to be an enjoyable experience.

Religion is something i do not dare talk often for it's a very sensible subject and... let's just say i'm not really good at walking on eggs. That being said, i felt like the author was trying to recapitulate little mistakes and faults Christians might make in their everyday life (and by working on them they're presumed to grow closer to their God i guess) - and i would have been okay with that sort of book, if it didn't systematically denigrate the lay society i'm living in by showing it as the work of the devil itself.

Also i don't know if Lewis lost himself somewhere in his own reasoning but at times he contradicted himself and it made the whole book lacking of coherence. More than just that, at time i was stuck reading again and again a sentence that absolutely didn't make any sense to me, and i couldn't see to what the author was referring.

If Lewis did really believe and stand by his theories about evil and such (because this book is more than purely fiction)he should have written a manifesto about what he considered right and wrong and why, and he would have to put at least a sketched antithesis to his allegations to make it valid.

This book in this form and with this content made me feel insulted.

(needless to say that i'm not a Christian right? Oh and to this day i couldn't go through his Narnia serie.)