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How Will You Measure Your Life? - Clayton M. Christensen, James Allworth, Karen Dillon I've read this book and if at first i had the intention to write a review of it, i realize now that i can't do it because my thoughts wouldn't be representative of what this book is for i read it at the wrong time of my life and wasn't receptive to its message.

Without touching to the message of the book, what i can say from my reading experience : it is easy to read (even though there are ideas to integrate and it needs a bit of thought) because it's very well divided with a clear message.

The first part about career is very specific to a group of people, but the rest of the book touches more the relationship aspect and children education (i quite liked this part). The last part is about moral and concessions that don't always go well together (it's not simply about "not going to jail" as some people seem to think).

I was put off by all the CEO talk and management concepts but i couldn't ignore the heart of the text.
This book may not be tremendously helpful to you neither be a revolution into your life but i think that a lot of people could benefit from giving it a few hours of their lives.