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5 Centimeters per Second - Makoto Shinkai, 新海誠, Yukiko Seike, 清家雪子, Melissa Tanaka What was that? What did i just read?

I started reading this a year ago but i wasn't feeling it so i put it down. After seeing "thereadables" review of it on youtube i decided to give it another go. And i don't know if that was a good thing.

I really liked the story itself. To me, it was about upcoming things from the past, where you mind is stuck. I can relate to Takaki on many levels (moving, letters, feelings) but i was still extremely mad at him for hurting people around him.
I loved how the art and the slow pace of this manga make us sink in and appreciate the beauty. It's well done from the mangaka.

Overall, i didn't like this manga. I was angry at Takaki most of the time, there was not enough girl POV, the ending between the main characters was nice but the "second ending" i didn't like (there was no point in doing something like that). What i disliked the most though, was how dispatched the story was regarding the thoughts of the main characters : at times i didn't know who was speaking up and when, and if it was a letter or just thoughts, and if it was a letter sent or not...

I don't understand one thing : why did the main characters both choose to move forward precisely when they were given the chance to face up?

The worst part is that i know that i've overlooked this manga because i don't want to look too much into it since i can see my self in Takaki and it makes me as mad as sad.