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Song of Myself - Walt Whitman
Walt Whitman, a kosmos, of Manhattan the son,
Turbulent, fleshy, sensual, eating, drinking and breeding.

No sentimentalist, no stander above men and women or
apart from them,
No more modest than immodest.
I am not an avid reader of poetry but somehow this book was on my to be read shelf so i decided to give it a go.

This book is a succession of short poems (or one long divided in little ones, pick your preference) which are at first very childish, positive, confident, but after the first half, a more serious aspect comes in, expressing a sort of wise and calm strength.

What i liked the most about this poem is that it's non conformist, very energetic, liberated. Talking about grass, human, sea, universe, anything that grab Whitman's attention it seems.

Excerpt that i liked :
I know I am august,
I do not trouble my spirit to vindicate itself or be understood,
I see that the elementary laws never apologize,
(I reckon I behave no prouder than the level I plant my house
by, after all.)
I exist as I am, that is enough,
If no other in the world be aware I sit content,
And if each and all be aware I sit content.

One world is aware and by far the largest to me, and that is
And whether I come to my own to-day or in ten thousand or
ten million years,
I can cheerfully take it now, or with equal cheerfulness I can