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We All Need Heroes: Stories of the Brave and Foolish - Simon Zingerman This book is a collection of stories about how little acts and thoughts from the ordinary men in their ordinary life can have big effects around.

I really liked some of the stories (they were truly inspiring and nice to read) and the concept is just great. I wouldn't mind reading a volume 2. There was a lot of originality and fun in most of the stories and it opened my mind to a lot of things. It was also nice to notice that i already knew some of the stories (which made me feel somehow connected to the book) but not enough for me to feel bored, the perfect balance.

Putting aside the stories, i liked to have some kind of interaction with the author in the "possible moral" section, it also put the stories in contemporary perspectives. The "rating" of each story was amusing and accurate.

Now, two things that really put me off:
- lack of diversity : there were not enough stories about women, and not enough countries were displayed, also not enough domains were treated (it was mostly big turn points in marketing history and that bored me.)
- lack of heroism : i understand that this book is about brave and FOOLISH but i wish at least one solid third of the book was about heroic acts (even small ones) instead of being about marketing and people who suddenly made a lot of money. {Edit : I've done my "research" on the book and it seems that it was more about motivating one to get up and do something and be creative rather than a book inspiring to altruism. I unfortunately mislead myself prior to reading the book so my second remark can't really apply to the book.}

I think that this project could be completed by a phone application, daily updated, since i do find the concept really smart and worthy.