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Bonjour Tristesse - Françoise Sagan Regarding the author’s age when she wrote it, i can only say that she did an amazing job, her writing style being irreproachable.
But the story, the plot, it’s all… uninteresting I’d say. There is a few good sentences that could be turned into famous quotes, but other than that, I can’t see anything that I didn’t find useless in it.
A young girl, who knows only the good (shallow) sides of life, decides to manipulate her boyfriend, her father, her soon-to-be-stepmother (Anna) and his dad’s ex-girlfriend to occupy her boring summer. Well, not only : she does it because Anna, the new woman around is compromising the vapid life she led until then, which is not acceptable. How does so many people let her get away with her scheming? The answer is simple : they are either too stupid or too conceited to recognize the girl’s talent.
There is nothing to like about the characters (maybe that was the author’s goal) and the muggy lazy ambiance makes the whole read seems without an end even though it’s quite a short book.
The only thing that I kinda like was the plotting of the girl. It’s fun to manipulate people and I recognized myself in that.
To be short, it’s not an awful book that you want to throw out of the window (there is nothing wrong with it), it’s just a well written boring book. Good for you if you enjoyed it, at least you didn’t waste your time like I did.