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One Tiny Lie - K.A. Tucker I picked this one up for the romance and the love triangle. I was prepared for the cliché characters and dialogues and i would have taken it all in if there was any cuteness to it. But i wasn't prepared for empty characters and uninteresting dialogues. And it's boring. I don't mean that a romance story HAS to be cute, but this one was NOTHING (not cute, not intriguing, not surprising, ...), it was insipid.

Livie isn't our shy introverted friend, she is a robot who speaks as if everything was being prompted to her, and who's only emotions is stupor. Her background is complicated and i would have understood if she had troubles and imperfections but she doesn't seems to have a personality in fact.

What made me really repelled was the incoherence of this book. I kept asking myself "why the author would put this scene in the book since it doesn't convey anything?" Needless to say, this book totally went over my head.

I rate this book 1 out 5 star because i absolutely did not like it.