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Death Note, Vol. 8: Target - Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata I wasn't really into this manga to begin with but since it was so praised, i decided to give it a try. But now that L is dead, it's all going all over the place. I try to keep in mind that the most important thing in this serie is the Death Note itself and not really the characters but there have been too much changes into the past volumes to keep me interested. I liked the frisky Misa better instead of this dumb puppy she has become, i preferred L over Near, the interaction between Light and Ryuk was quirky whereas now he just follows Misa, repeating what she says.

I find that Near and Mello, no matter how much they are taking part in the story, came out of nowhere and don't look right. Near looks like a five years old and Mello looks like a girl.
The part about Sayu being kidnapped absolutely didn't interested me.

The five years leap in the story was not a good idea in my opinion.