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About a Boy - Nick Hornby The title got it right : this book is about a boy. A quirky and mature boy named Marcus, who is having a hard time at home -since his mother is depressed- and at school -where he is being bullied; and let's be honnest, there is no much more in the life of a twelve years old boy than school and home, so basically, Marcus' life sucks.
Thankfully, he is full of ressources (awkward ones but still) and he drags into his life Will, who is supposed to help him go through all this mess. But Will is the most vapid and careless man in the world. Since he earns his life by royalties of a song his dad wrote years ago, his days consist of reading, shopping and going out in the evening.
Never the less, Marcus is persistant and Will can't get him out of his life. And so we find ourselves following this incugruous pair as they try to bring some sense into their life.

A book full of humour that deals with serious subjects (bullying, suicide, depression, divorce...) that you don't expect to laugh out loud at when you start this book. But somehow, Nick Hornby makes it work.

But this book is not only dark humour and it's definitely not cynical. In between those pages you'll find morals and thoughts about life that are very accurate and truthful. Nick Hornby isn't selling you any kind of dream, he tells you the true hard reality of relationships and life and you'll find yourself nodding in agreement.

This book isn't that over hyped bestseller that made it to the mass. It's smart, it's funny, it's deep, it's so many things and i can't imagined someone not willing to give it a bit of their time.