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Battle Royale, Vol. 15 - Koushun Takami, Masayuki Taguchi, Tomo Iwo, Keith Giffen The ending was pretty weak. What's with the escape to america? And why kill Kawada when all is settled already? (those are rhetorical questions).

"You watch, that's why they died." This is something to think about. Really.

In conclusion, i've never really been a fan of sheinen but i decided to give this one a try before reading the novel.

I somehow expected more of it : more morals, less cringe worthy dialogues, more interaction with the island itself, more realism. I could pick on a lot of things (9th grader, really?) but i know from experience that mangas are very caricatural in their own genre (shoujo, fantasy, ...) so my opinion of a genre i don't like to start with isn't representative of the work itself but I don't think it was well handled (this manga gives the impression of trying to hard to unsettle us), except the graphics that were correct.