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Wallbanger - Alice Clayton I wanted to read something that was light, VERY light. And funny. With also a bit of romance in it. So i picked this one out of a bunch of chick lit because it was clearly described as funny. And it was. I am not disappointed on this point. But after the first half of it, i kinda got bored because even though i wanted something light, i still expected to get a bit of a plot. Which wasn't there i found.

Caroline has been deprived of Orgasm for a long time and began to be frustrated when she discover that she just moved next a man who has a lot of sex, LOUD sex it is.
Confrontation, quick witted dialogue, they get together, she has an O. This is all there is to this book. So as i said, after the first half of the book, the funny dialogue wasn't quite enough to get my attention. I finished it but if at first i was giggling, by the end of it i was just reading for the sake of reading.

I give it 2 star out of 5, i don't regret reading it but i wished it had a plot.