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On the Plus Side - Tabatha Vargo Of course I didn't expect to be amazed by this book but i can say that I went precisely for it because the synopsis seemed cliché and i like this type of book. Now, what made me put 3 stars instead of 2 was because in some part the book was still a surprise. Yes, the ending was predictable, but i enjoyed reading this book and seeing how the author played things out.

Lilly (innocent, sweet, virgin, lonely, rich, 20 years old) is being hit on by Devin (hot, careless, poor, with mommy issues, 22 years old). She fells quickly in love with him but little does she knows that HER mother did in fact pay the guy to go out with her. He accepts the deals because he needs the money or else the bank will take his dad's house and garage and put him, his dad and his little sister on the streets.

I expected this to be a more like "Bet me" with a lot of chasing-teasing in the beginning of the book but it happened that they both fell quickly in love with each other. It made the book to be more romantic (cheesy maybe?) than witty as i expected from the synopsis but since the characters looked both so innocent i wasn't put off by it.

Sure, Devin isn't perfect (he is violent, he is not a gentleman,...), but over all he's not a bad guy.

On a side note : i choose to read this book specifically because the main character wasn't skinny, and i was glad to see how her struggle in her young age was painted. I also liked a lot that she wasn't following a crazy unrealistic weight loss plan as i had seen in others books.

I rate this book 3/5 stars because of the negatives points following :

- Lilly attitude towards money isn't realistic, the author tried a bit too much to show her angelic side on this point and it felt just weird and pushed.
- The characters are both too young in my opinion. The fact that they're young and innocent helped me understand their reactions but sometimes i felt that the story would have been a bit more appropriated to older characters. Maybe between 25 and 30.
- Lilly's mom is unpredictable. Even though i liked because it made the development in the story unpredictable by association, i felt a bit cheated at her change of personality in the last couple of pages.
- The ending was a bit rushed. I would have liked to see a bit more of a lonely Lilly (not to see her in pain, but to see how she had thought of dealing with her child alone)
-Some parts and dialogues are a bit repetitive as if the author put drafts together.

and two points that you shouldn't take in consideration but i will put it in as well :
- They call each other "baby". I'm not a fan.
- The extremely cliché, stereotypical scene that i find in almost every chubby-heroine book and wished wasn't here : when the guy (in this case Devin) stands behind his girl (here we have Lilly), in front of a mirror and tells her that she is beautiful while running his hands to her side before cupping her breast.