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Kids - Frédéric Boyer I bought this book purely on my impression from the back cover.
It didn't meet my expectations and i had to read it twice before starting to like it.

It's a collection of poems revolving about the author i think. He talks about his mom, his daughters, his father, late evenings with friends, the way a girl's skin feels, nights in hotels, ... But it's very hard to understand. I struggled through this book and felt as if i was physically lacking oxygen. My brain was working slowly.

This book is short, i read it in an hour but there is something in the writing style that doesn't make it an easy read.

I put 3 stars out of 5 because even though i felt like giving only two stars, there is this feeling when you're done that pushes you to give it another go. As if the meaning of the words slowly unfolded into your mind even after you stopped reading it.