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Et monter lentement dans un immense amour

Et monter lentement dans un immense amour - Katherine Pancol I did not know anything about this book when i bought it except that it was written by Katherine Pancol and that it was about love (nothing surprising here).

This story is about Mann and Angelina, two unearthly persons who meet in an elevator and vow to love each other for ever, greatly, unconditionally. Why is it a 300+ pages book then? Because both protagonists have a past, with secrets, pain, passion, wounds in it and which needs to be explored.
Why can't Angelina love freely? Where does Mann's fervour come from? Why is their love how it is? This is the book plot.

The tone of the book is very smooth, it's so mellow that if i didn't know the author's other works, i would have thought it was a parody. It's spellbinding, almost sickening. But after the first pages you get used of it (with some of your good will).

You'll also need to adapt to the writing style : it feels like the story is quickly whispered in your ears, like a child secret - not so important, but not negligible either.

The story goes dancing between each characters' life, slowly revealing what we need to know about the main couple, it has a bit of suspense that get us hooked. This is the best part of this book, you actually want to know what happened/will happen even if you're reluctant to this type of love story.

The love story itself is enchanting, it makes you throw any barriers you've dressed up against romanticism and love and sweetness. It demands you to let go and to dip into it, to believe, to let yourself be carried up and away without restraint.

The characters are likeable, a bit dramatic i'll say, but then again, it's from the hand of Pancol.

Here is all i can say about the the book itself. It doesn't seem that bad, does it? Nevertheless I couldn't bring myself to like it for mostly 3 reasons :
- unrealistic plot twists : Despax past, Leatitia meeting Angelina in the convent. Both important to the progression of the story, both unbelievable.
- clichés : Angelina accident, Margret death, Despax and Mme Rosier's reunion It is to be expected to have a bit of cliché in a love story but i expect of Pancol to be more than the regular chick flick author so i felt insulted by them.
- exageration : Angelina and Mann don't live and love like other humans, i get it. But what refrained Angelina's from loving fully and without guilt appeared childish and ridiculous to me. Then again, the characters themselves are different from regular people - it's what the book is about- but my common self could only look at them condescendingly. It was all a bit too artistic to me. Also the fact that Mann clearly said that he wouldn't take suspicion from Angelina but doesn't even pick up on it when she leaves him, throws down everything that was built up. Love wins at the end and it should be all that matters, but it's not anymore this grand magic immaculate love, it's just strong love.

My rating while reading went back and forth from 1,5 to 2,5. I'll settle for 2 stars out of 5. This story is what it is meant to be, without concession. I know some people out there will find it to be the most beautiful thing they ever read, but it wasn't it for me.