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Olivia Joules Ou L'imagination Hyperactive

Olivia Joules Ou L'imagination Hyperactive - Helen Fielding This book is about Olivia, a daring journalist who gets involved with Al-Qaeda and the MI6 while making her own inquiries on a mysterious man named Pierre Feramo. Of course the story lather up between parties, airports and scuba-diving.

This book is well written, the plot goes steady, the character are well portrayed.
There's a bit of fun, of unpredictability, of goofiness. There is also romance, suspense, action but all in a very lighthearted tone.

What i like the most about this author is that her female characters aren't wusses. This is a thing that i can only praise when it comes to chick lit.

I read it to see what the writer other works were (i've read the Bridget Jones books) and i don't regret reading it but this book doesn't seem to have a purpose, or a meaning. It's like when you're bored at home and there is a movie starting right when you turn on the TV so you watch it for the sake of it.

A point i want to underline : the story is totally unrealistic but not stupid though. You can see that the author knows what she is doing (with the stereotypes especially).

My rating is : 2 stars out of 5. I wanted to give it only 1 star because i really couldn't care less about this book, but then again : it's well written and well constructed.