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Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Vol. 19 - Karuho Shiina I have less and less tolerance for Sawako. She started out cute, now she is plain boring.
"Every one is moving forward" she says in her soft voice, her eyes wide and sparkly, blushing at her own thoughts.
Well, that's the thing about graduating sweety -if you hadn't already figured this out, it takes you forward...

I thought she was painfully shy and introverted but now i realize that she's slow. It's okay to take time figuring out complex feelings or inner conflicts but too much is too much. She just admitted to herself that she was in love in this volume. 19 volumes to come to that conclusion. What is the author doing?!

It seems like every book is about building up her thoughts so she can draw a conclusion on her life. It's all about patience for the reader and i'm not up for it.

We're heading for the 20th volume. How is that even possible? 20 volumes of awkward talks and blushing. I can't.

(I realize that Goodreads isn't probably the best place to vent about a manga - or a book in general, but i'll still post this here and see later if i'll move it to some other place.)