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Becoming a Superhero: Based on a True Story - Oliver Galang This book is about the life of Oliver Galang, who thinks he can be a superhero. When he's a child, he thinks he has supernatural skills and try to find them out. When he's a teenager, he wants to be a sport hero. When he's a young adult, he enters the army to save the world. When he's older, he tries to rescues strippers with his love. And so on.

The main character tries to fit the hero atmosphere into his human ordinary life to end up realizing the only one he can be a hero for, is himself.

The first 1/3 was hilarious. I didn't laugh that much while reading a book since a good time. Then i grew bored because from chapter 8 to the end, there was nothing but military jargon, gambling and strippers. I wouldn't have mind it if the author made it funny to read, but he didn't.

This book feels like one of your friend's friend telling stories, you don't know him that much but you don't mind hanging one evening with him. It's fun but i don't think it's good enough to be turned into a book.
As the main character turned older, i lost the sympathy i had for him and found him rather stupid and immature. I also wish there was a more consistent redemption by the end of the book instead of the poor ending we got.

The author needs to relate the last 2/3 of the book more with the superhero theme, he should keep the humor and rhythm of the first 1/3(the 2/3 last parts sounded like the author was just getting things of his chest, or telling stories to fill in). Also the ending was a bit abrupt and felt like something was missing.
The writing style is almost bad ("...?!?!" is not proper punctuation to me) and the whole book is a bit disjointed (in form and content, as well as in the temporal dimension in the narration).