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Veronika décide de mourir - Paulo Coelho Paulo Coelho is one of the rare author who doesn't offend me when writing about religion and theological feelings. This is why i enjoy his books so much.

I liked this one because it gives us indication on depression, psychology, society with a bit of history and geography. It's almost like a thesis (especially with Dr. Igor's monologue about the Vitriol)on the actual society and its capacity to drown off happiness from us. It was true and clever.

I really liked the characters and each one of their view on madness.
Two things i didn't like : the ending (i felt cheated) and the rhythm of the book which was unimaginative. It was lacking a bit of energy.

It's a nice easy short read, that can help you understand and put a finger on some emotions or lack of emotions that you may have felt. I think i needed this book at this time of my life, i knew it even before starting it and it didn't disappoint me.