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Je Vais Bien Ne T'en Fais Pas - Olivier Adam I can't say much about this book that wouldn't spoil it so i will directly skip to my review.

I could have done with the nauseating short sentences. I could have done with the lack of emotions, the dispatched storyline, the brainless main character. All of that, i could have accepted for the sake of the original intrigue. But since the author didn't even bother giving us an ending i think that we are supposed to conclude that since Julien wouldn't bear to hurt her in any way whatsoever, he won't tell her about his brother's death; but that's not enough to me. Every one is lying to the poor girl, no wonder she is totally unconnected from reality..., i won't give it a second thought and rate it with one star out of five.

Watch the movie, it's somehow managed to be better.